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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  October 27, 2012 11:45pm-12:00am EDT

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it is called the storm of epic porportions. tonight we tracking hurricane sandy as she continues to roar up the east coast. thank you for joining us tonight. tonight all eyes are on sandy. a deadly storm expected to strike the d.c. area in less
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than 24-hours. what are you seeing? >> we have the latest that just came in. it is still a very strong storm. and a very powerful storm. and massive in size. let's begin with radar. you can see where the rainfall is hitting areas of the coastal region. outer bands we are seeing wet weather edging along areas of the coastal region close to d.c. central convection has increased. that's strengthened in more than 24-hours. not any real intensification in terms of the storm. it has moved right over the past several hours. we are really just watching this closely. let's go to our weather maps. this is our satellite view of the storm as it pushes through. it is 30-miles east southeast of charleston, south carolina. as we take a look now here we'll show you actually the spaghetti models. they are coming together better than they have over the past
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day or so. majority of the spaghetti models are still moving it closer towards the border between maryland and pennsylvania in terms of it making landfall. you can see the wider spread taking it north. one of the other spaghetti models takes it to the atlantic. they are still coming closer in agreement in terms of this holding together. once again, pushing its way closer to the mid atlantic. here's a look at the official track. category one hurricane as it moves up. it will eventually start to lose its characteristic once you see it push into land. it becomes a remnant low pressure system. very powerful. look at the cone of uncertainty. very wide-spread. we are looking at the massive spread of this storm anywhere from 600 to 700 miles. we are talking from the carolinas stretching all the way to maine. it is expected to move to the north then more to the north
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northeast before it heads into canada. once it does make landfall. it is going to end up getting a little bit of energy from a trough west of it. those two will merge. it will get more energy as it does make landfall. that's not a good thing. there is a chance it may stall out over areas of central maryland into southern pennsylvania as a remnant low. if it does that that means a lot of excessive rainfall and more in terms of flooding. the area is shaded in blue for the carolinas where we have tropical storm warnings in effect. those are the areas that will definitely be impacted the most along the coast. we are talking a flood watch in effect for our viewing area sunday night into tuesday evening. high wind watch has been issued sunday night lingering into tuesday evening. coastal flood watch in effect extending monday night through tuesday evening. and a coastal flood advisory is
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in effect from sunday morning through monday night. that does encompass our current viewing area. here's a look at the wind chill. these winds will be strong as they move through. we are talking winds gusting up to 60 mile-per-hour. you can see that whole area of this wind field i spoke about. winds will be a big issue. downed trees and downed power lines. lots of wide-spread power outages will be happening. it is going to be dangerous with those winds. here's a look at what we are talking about in terms of rainfall. anywhere from 6 to 8 inches from d.c. east. d.c. north we are talking 4 to 6 inches. areas even more north and northwest less 2 to 4 inches. areas that are across the mountains, unfortunately, could look at seeing some snow across the allegheny front. colder air will push in with that. with all the moisture pushing in there is a chance of seeing
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some snow there. here's a look at what expect. things will go downhill through the later part of sunday. i anticipate seeing rain that's going to be starting late tonight, lingering through into the first part of sunday. as the day progresses, that rain will get heavier. we are also talking gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour by the time we get into sunday night. pique effects will be felt any time from monday into tuesday. this is where we are talking excessive heavy rain and flooding with torrential downpours happening through here. this is another thing you'll have to watch for. be careful low-lying areas. if you are living along the coast, ocean city or anywhere along that particular region, you'll have to definitely consider evacuating. those are the areas that will get hit the hardest when we talk about storm surge and the water being you pushed on shore. damaging wind gusts.
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downed trees and power lines. prepare for power outages in your homes. stock up on batteries. make sure you have things that don't have to be refrigerated. these are things we are definitely telling you to stay on top of. here's a look at future cast in terms of the rain. as i showed you on radar you can see it edging along the coast. it gets more intense and fills in once we get into sunday. most south of us. as we head into sunday evening, you can see where the rain starts to get heavier. where you see the orange and red that's much heavier rainfall. look at sunday night. once we get into monday we are in the thick of things. you can see the line i spoke about earlier where we could have a possibility of seeing winter weather to the west. for tonight we are talking cloudy skies. breezy. showers will start to develop in the overnight hours. some of you may be seeing light
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rainfall now. 53 degrees overnight low. as i mentioned, once we get into most of tomorrow and the late afternoon and evening, that's when things will start to go downhill. i'll have more information for you later on through the newscast. stay with us. back to you. >> thank you very much. one to stay close to as that's developments occur as sandy gets closer to our coastline. with less than this hours to go until sandy's expected arrival it is time to make sure that you are prepared. do you you have the essentials before you head out here's what you need to know. amtrak announced cancellations to some service. with more cancellations likely, they are urging riders to check their website for the latest information. meantime we have started getting calls that gas stations are already running out of gas. what about grocery stores? metro emergency responders? lauren has the latest on the storm preps. orm preps.
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>> we have water and juice. >> flash lights and radio. >> reporter: residents scrambling to stock up. grocery and hardware stores running low. the perfect storm, megastorm, frankenstorm, whatever you want to call her hurricane sandy is barreling towards the d.c. region. she is expected to pack a punch. city officials help homeowners prepare handing out free sandbags at r.f.k. stadium. rescue teams are running last minute checks. >> flotation device gives us 22- pounds of buoyancy. it should serve as a reminder not to drive into standing water. >> once it gets dark it is hard to tell where the water is at. some people won't pay attention
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to roadblocks either. >> reporter: advice for residents? >> if we have to come and get you make sure you have a bag ready for you. make sure you have medications and things of that nature. we don't have a lot of time. in those situations we have to put you in a boat and roll. >> reporter: sandy is expected to strike hardest at the start of the work week. metro plans to continue normal operations until conditions require otherwise. >> preparations takes a couple different forms. metro rail it is sandbags and checking drainage pumps. >> reporter: bus operators have to watch for downed trees and power lines. there is a helpful tool called metro alert. you put in your information about your route and you'll getten e-mail or text message about major delays or service disruptions. we have a link at the storm will likely leave millions of people without
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power. pepco and other electric companies are working to be ready for when the outages begin. here are the phone numbers for companies in our area. to call them yourself if you lose power even if your neighbor or someone else also called. several counties are opening energy shelters for those who may need help during the storm. these are the two locations we know about so far. if you go to a shelter bring all medications and clothing antoiletries. you can bring your pets make sure you bring their food and you have water bowls for them and proof of current vaccinations. if you have a smart phone the red cross let's you enter your zip code and find the nearest shelter. maryland highway administration has crews preparing by clearing drains. major concerns are tree damage and power outages.


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